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February 17, 2018

Zanjan Province

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Charogh is a kind of elegant and beautiful foot wear which is used for amusement and formally. It is composed of two parts: the insole ant the cover . the insole consists of leather and a wooden heel, and the cover is made up of colorful silk strings or leather.

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Cutlery is an art raised from Zanjan artists powerful hands and creative minds which display a remarkable and sometimes decorative work.

Different kinds of cleavers and knives are the other gifts of Zanjan.


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Filigree work

One of the most beautiful and elegant handicrafts made by Zanjan artists is picoting. According to the historical finding the ancientness of this incredible art is related to the period that Islam didn’t exist.

Picot handicrafts usually include: Jewelry, tea set, bowl and plate, chocolate dish, mirror and candlestick, photo frame etc.


12چیدن ریز نقشها

work Copper

From a Long time ago the words copper and coppersmithing has associated Zanjan city and its coppersmiths Bazar in peoples mind.

Coppersmithing workshops production Consists of a wide variety. Nowadays some dishes like: ewer, tub, kattle etc are rarely produced because they are used decorative for its medical features go to copper Bazaar.

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The Salt men

These nature- mummified creature were found from Chehr Abad salt mine. The archeologists have fiond six of them from the same mine till now. They are 1500-2300 years old. The most complete one is the salt man number 4 who is a 16-year- old teenage. Along with his body, they found things and tools like: a bon-handled knife with its case, clothes and a belt, two clay jugs, and a sheep skin.

His wool sweater was in cream with red strips on it. He had a silver earring in and died due to the collapse of the tunnel. The discovery of these salt men gave us invaluable information about the way our ancestors lived, their tools (axes made from resistant steel),the kind of food thet used (marine proteins),their clothes and textile design, and other social, cultural (wearing earing by men). And anthropological aspects about past eras. At the moment these valuble mummifications are kept in Zolfagari Edifice museum.

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Soltanieh Dome

Along with Turkeys Hagia Sophia Mosque, and Santa Maria del Fiore in Florance, it is one of the greates brick built buildings in the world witch is recorded in WHS. It was built as the center of Ilkhanid reign by the king Mohammad Khodabande when Soltanie was the capital. If we pass the stories about kingd wish to bring Imam Alis (PBUH) holly body to this place, some researches believe this building shows Mongols change of view towards death. A change from the ritual called “Goor Gom Kardan” to built a great monument like Soltanie Dom. It is 43 kms from Zanjan to Soltanie town.



Znajans Bazar

This bazaar which is located in the south and the pld part of the city is consisted of two parts:the top and down bazaars. Contarinis itinerary is the oldest document in which Ambrogio Contarini has pointed to Zanjans Bazaar when he was passing the city in 1474 A.D at the time of the Ak Koyunlu (The White Sheep Turkomans), and he indicated the existence of bazaar in the city.By the passage of time threr have been inns (caravansaries), bathhouses ,mosques, and corridors added to the main bazaar. It has got nearly 1000 stores and is considered as one of the logest roofed in the country.



katale Khor Cave

This seven-storey and thirty-million-yeay- old cave is located between Zanjan and Garmab town. Ie. 165 from Zanjan and 5 Kms from Gramb. The distance between Katale Khor and the famos Ali Sadr cave is 105 kms, and there is a possibility of these two being connected. Katale Khor means the suns position or from where the sun rises. The existence of natures carvings through million years in the beautiful from of stalagmites and stalactites in the corridors and halls is showing off and adds to the beauty of the cave. It was used as thw shelter by human beings in the Stine-Age. In some corridors animals skeletone werw found which are not similar to nowadays animal and probably belong to the extinguished generations of the ages. At the moment two kms of the cave is being visited by tourists.



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